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HealthWatch provide International Healthcare BPO & KPO Services, ECG/EKG Interpretation Services, 24/7 Cardiac Monitoring Services, Holter Monitoring and ABP Monitoring Services

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     HealthWatch is an internationally recognized and trusted provider of ECG diagnostics, interpretation & reporting services for leading IDTFs and hospitals across the globe. Our 24/7/365 Multiple Cardiac Monitoring Center’s offers near real-time analysis, reporting and diagnostics of digital ECG rhythms through our sustainable delivery model. Our team audits the ECG report data in accordance with all current Cardiac safety guidelines and complies with global regulations and standards.

     HealthWatch supports a wide range of cardiac diagnostic and monitoring solutions including:

  • 3/6/12 lead ECG analysis and Interpretation
  • Cardiac Event monitoring analysing and reporting
  • Ambulatory/Mobile Cardiac Telemetry, monitoring, analysing and reporting
  • 24/48/72Hrs Continues cardiac monitoring, analysing and reporting

     our 24/7/365 Monitoring Center’s helps IDTFs and Hospitals cater to the unique needs of each of their patients. From traditional Continues Cardiac Monitoring devices to Mobile Cardiac Telemetry, HealthWatch services offer flexible options to providers.

     Physicians rely on exact data to determine the best course of treatment for their patients from the ITDFs. HealthWatch delivers accurate and immediate reporting, enabling precise arrhythmia diagnosis and follow-up.

     Our team of Board Certified Cardiology Technicians(CCT from CCI-USA), Cardiologists and Consultants, with extensive experience in the Monitoring, Collection, Review, Reporting and all the necessary skills to support and defend ECG study results.


     The key things that companies consider before outsourcing the services to an outsourcing vendor is their past work experience, reliability, cost competitiveness, systems in place and their approach towards work.

     At HealthWatch, we always strive to create value to all our customers by following a simple and cost effective outsourcing process. This outsourcing process enables us to ensure the smooth transition and the quick completion of the outsourced project in promised time and predetermined budget.


  • Establish Contact
  • Understanding your outsourcing Requirements
  • Deciding on pricing and signing agreements
  • Executing the Project

What Makes HealthWatch Different from Other Cardiac Rhythm Outsourcing Companies?

Flexible and Independent

HealthWatch cardiac rhythm interpretation services are customizable to the specific provider needs. Our services allow ITDF’s to implement and maintain their unique standards and procedures with the team working for them overseas as HealthWatch provides dedicated trained team for every clients independently.

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Multiple Delivery centers

Three dedicated delivery centers with dedicated data security, high speed Internet and power backups, which monitors and diagnose patients 24x7x365. Over 300 dedicated professionals work in multiple time zones.

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Resonable pricing

HealthWatch understands the need of reasonable pricing for the outsourcing services. Along with quality and timely services price remains a major factor in outsourcing, with no volume commitments and limits HealthWatch pricing is the best in this class.

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Vast experience and expertise

HealthWatch cardiac rhythm interpretation team has collected and interpreted more than 60 million hours of ECG and still counting.

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Fast & Accurate Reporting

HealthWatch understands that each patient and IDTF’s standards or practice is unique, accurate and fast arrhythmia diagnosis is essential to providing the best possible care.
HealthWatch Monitoring Center’s employs expertly-trained and CCT from CCI USA accredited technicians responsible for reviewing and building reports. All clinical reports generated by the Monitoring Center are reviewed by multiple QA technicians for accuracy before being released to the clients. The HealthWatch Monitoring Centers are available 24/7/365 days to assist clients, increase compliance and provide more accurate diagnosis

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HIPPA Compliance environment

At HealthWatch, we go out of the way to ensure that security and confidentiality in client relationships are met perfectly. Write to us to know more in detail about our HIPPA security.

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    We never thought when we decided to outsource our cardiac diagnostic services work to CHC is going to have such a positive impact on our service and value creation to our investors, it is all about the timely implementation of our expectations which CHC does in its own way which is always more than our expectation. We are happy to grow our business with CHC



    I never know till I come to know about CHC, that Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitoring, which is a fitness requirement for my job can be done at the comfort of my home, no more I am wasting my time and my holiday in traveling to different hospitals, thanks to CHC

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